• IFMA's 2019 Distinguished Industry Achievement Award

    The Hallam Family is named winner of IFMA's Distinguished Industry Achievement Award, which recognizes leaders who have brought about positive change in the foodservice distribution community and have been pioneers in the areas of management, marketing and operations. Gaston Hallam began his career in 1924 and managed several distribution centers over the decades until becoming an officer of the Ben E. Keith Company. In the early 1960’s, Mr. Hallam assumed ownership of the company and was subsequently join by his sons Robert and Howard Hallam as they began their careers. Robert and Howard’s leadership over the next 50 years helped grow a once small produce company into a 4 Billion dollar enterprise for foodservice and beverage distribution throughout the country. Both John Hallam and Robert Hallam, JR, took the same paths as their fathers when joining the company, and are now the third generation leading Ben E. Keith into the next chapter of history. The Hallam Family was selected by an executive jury of industry experts.

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